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Thinking Engines is an Internet of Things (IoT) company who created a solution for the real estate market looking for an effortless way to monitor abnormalities in the environment for their vacant & rental properties in real time.

How We Can Help You

We help rehabbers, property management companies, rental companies and service companies needing to monitor environmental deviations (i.e. moisture and air quality) to proactively mitigate risks.

Temperature and Humidity

Monitor temperature and humidity of your property and receive alerts if the temperature or humidity rises above or falls below custom preset thresholds.

Power and Play

Simply plug it in and your device will automatically connect to the cloud and your app.

GPS Location

Easily move your device between properties without having to make changes.

Cellular Connected

No WiFi, no problem. Your device uses cellular services from the largest providers in the US for reliable connectivity.

iHouseWatch Presell Exclusive

Remotely Monitor Your Properties and Protect Your Investments

About us

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve extraordinary value, dramatically reduce their costs, and become fiercely competitive by collecting and analyzing data about their services, their customers and their own environment.
End-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the enterprise

Thinking Engines provides the whole package to do turn-key IoT from several 'things' to millions of ‘things’. Designing, building, and programming of electronic sensors is a difficult and time-consuming task. We handle all of that for you, so you can start collecting new information and deriving value from right away.

If a custom device is required, we will work with you and our device partners to build you the device you need while maintaining the software and security required to qualify as a Thinking Engines device.

Thinking Engines is based 100% in the cloud in a completely server-less environment making it easy to grow as you grow.

  • Our solution was created from scratch for the cloud - no porting legacy solutions here.

  • Simply power up your IoT devices and it securely registers itself in the cloud and starts collecting data

  • From the time it is powered on, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Instantiate one device or millions; our cloud based solution immediately expands to your needs

Our team

Thinking Engines was started by IT & Customer Experience veterans with over 30 years of combined experience in Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Management

Tom Wolfe

17+ years enabling businesses to leverage technology to compete and win. AT&T, Paisley/ Thomson Reuters, Oracle, Concur/ SAP


20+ years in software engineering, application development, IT solutions architecture and design. Legato (EMC), EFI, Compellent, DellEMC

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